Mobile Laboratory

The Mobile Laboratory is a real lab able to carry out field tests on aggregates and concrete demonstrating the innovative and performance characteristics of the Company’s products. The Mobile Lab has the unique advantage to be able to conduct special on-site visits for testing of aggregates and concrete – a great opportunity for customers to receive assistance directly on building sites, pre-casting facilities and RMC plants. 


The mobile Laboratory is equipped with modern technologies and is operated by qualified technical personnel who conduct tests and analysis of materials directly on-site. When the Mobile laboratory reaches the customer at a building site, a pre-casting facility or a RMC plant, it positions itself at a suitable place for work where the technician is able to take samples of the materials used by the client (cement, aggregates, admixtures etc.) and reduce them in order to obtain the laboratory samples necessary to carry out the tests.

The Mobile Laboratory provides a customized approach of customer service by providing immediate answers though the investigating and testing of the properties and applications of materials produced at the "Devnya Cement" AD & "Vulkan Cement" AD plants. The results of experiments conducted under the most diverse design, operating and climatic conditions are a transparent means of assuring the best quality product to the customer.

Technical Support